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2.0 – Other Translation Tools (Paid and Free Plugins)

You can translate any plugin (including our Premium and Paid add ons) using the free Poedit Software. This free tool makes translation simple:

  1. Download the BookPress plugin files.  You may need to use an FTP program such as Filezilla to do this.
  2. Install Poedit or any other WordPress plugin translating tool you feel comfortable with.
  3. Unzip the plugin file. The translation file is located inside a folder called “/[plugin name]/i18n/languages/”. Open the .pot file in the editor.
  4. Create a translation file for your desired language and start translating.
  5. When saving the file, please follow the WordPress naming format. For example, for a french version you would export/create two files named “xxxx-fr_fr.mo" and “xxxx-fr_fr.po" (To find out more about your language code go to https://translate.wordpress.org/ ).
  6. Use you FTP program, place the translated files in the /wp-content/plugins/[plugin name]/i18n/languages folder on your hosting site.
  7. If you have changed your site language from WordPress settings and placed the language file in the appropriate location. Then you are done. Now just refresh any of the page and the translations will start working.

Loco Translate is another option.  This works within the Admin section of your own website.

We can provide ‘pre-translated’ plugin files with a computer generated list of suggested translations in your language for any of our plugins.  These need to be carefully reviewed to ensure the suggested translations are correct, but can save considerable time when you start out.  Please contact us to request any files you need.  WARNING: Do not use these computer translated versions without carefully checking the meaning of the translations as their accuracy is not 100 percent!

Please also Send the Files to Us

If you have already translated the plugin to your language, feel free to send the files to us at [email protected] and we will include them with our next release.

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