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1.2 – A Quick Start Guide Note

Once installed you will see a new AgendaPress menu section in your left side with a number of options…


If you want to use the optional libraries to store information on speakers, venues etc. then note that AgendaPress works by building up the elements of your meeting – so it’s best to start in this order when building libraries:

  1. Add Speaker Organizations
  2. Add Speakers and link them to their Organizations
  3. Add Venues and Rooms
  4. Add Agendas and link your speakers and venues for each event

You can add and amend any of he elements above at any time so if, for example, you want to add a speakers after you have done and agenda, that’s not a problem.  However, if you follow the order above, it minimizes the need to switch back and forth between screens when putting your event agenda together.


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