HR219 – Diversity and Inclusion Conference 2019


Open Ground
09:00:00 am
09:00:00 am - 09:15:00 am

Building and embedding diversity in organisational strategy: recruiting, managing, developing and promoting diverse talent

  • Identifying skills and diversity gaps
  • Creating and maintaining inclusive cultures
  • The role of leadership and senior management in generating an inclusive company culture
09:15:00 am
09:15:00 am - 09:30:00 am
Lunch and networking
09:30:00 am
09:30:00 am - 09:45:00 am
Lunch and networking
09:45:00 am
09:45:00 am - 10:00:00 am
Coffee and Registration
10:00:00 am
10:00:00 am - 10:15:00 am
Lunch and networking
10:15:00 am
10:15:00 am - 10:30:00 am
Understanding proposed ethnic pay gap reporting legislation
  • According to the McGregor-Smith review, tackling ethnicity-related barriers to workplace participation and progression could boost the UK economy by £24 billion annually, or 1.3% of GDP. The consultation which closes on 11 January 2019, asks what employers should publish in order to allow for "decisive action" on workplace diversity, without placing undue burdens on businesses
  • This session will provide clarification and help businesses understand how to gather data and whether they should be required to publish narrative information, action plans to address any disparities identified by the data, or whether this should remain voluntary, as is the case for gender pay gap reporting
10:30:00 am
10:30:00 am - 10:45:00 am
Lunch and networking
10:45:00 am
10:45:00 am - 11:00:00 am

Creating competitive advantage through diversity & inclusion: understanding inclusion metrics and identifying priorities

  • Benchmarking and measuring inclusion
  • Identify the most effective actions to address D&I issues
  • Achieving real returns on your diversity and inclusion investment
  • Realising the business benefits of an effective D&I strategy
11:00:00 am
11:00:00 am - 11:15:00 am
Refreshments and networking
11:15:00 am
11:15:00 am - 11:30:00 am

The power of authenticity – supporting LGBTQI inclusion in the workplace

  • Ally Programs – how Allies and an active Ally program fosters a truly LGBTQI inclusive workplace
  • What good looks like – how to promote LGBT inclusion and what firms need to embrace
  • How to ensure LGBT diversity is celebrated and not tolerated across your organization
  • Strategies on how to ensure your firm is LGBTQI inclusive
11:30:00 am
11:30:00 am - 11:50:00 am

Chair’s opening remarks